Green Material Corporation was formed in Year 2003. Mr. Chou Ping-Kun, Honorary President of the Corporation,has always been the global leader in the recycling industry.
Our main concern for recycling are to prevent the emission of harmful gases,water pollutants,saves energy,supplies valuable raw materials to industry,stimulates the development of greenery technologies,conserve resources for our children's future,reduces the need for new landfills, create jobs, and etc.In order to persevere with the spirit of being environmental friendly,we passionately sought to improve on the waste management methodologies,recycling measurement tools, infrastructure on system networking, and manage with integrity in compliance to applicable laws.With the combination of academics,technologies and a team of environmentally professional talents from Europe,United States of America (USA),Japan,Taiwan,and etc;we have successfully set up a Research and Development (R&D) Plant located in Tainan city,at An Ping Industrial Park.Our equipments and methodologies are developed based on the incorporation of exclusive techniques,specialize engineering,theories and facts on the environmental resources.
Our mission is strive to develop a completely no waste recycling methodology loop on all waste material produced by the society due to the performed of economic activities.With our advancement in science and technology,we have successfully developed the sole processing methodology whereby all waste materials can be recycled and returned back to the society as high quality recycled products.It has now become a great epidemic in the global recycling industry,by us setting this benchmark of innovation.
This phenomenon invention shall surface with a substantial economic benefit of attaining a NO WASTE environment. It will result in a greener and cleaner environment and enable humanity to continue to dominate over the world effectively.


Our Project's outline is mainly divided into three main segments:


Equipment Design:
The design of the equipments shall depend on the types of waste materials provided by the customers, in order to effectively manage and regenerate them into high quality recycled products. The equipments are rotary combustion furnace, incinerator, high temperature melting furnace, dry distillation device, steam boiler, tower washer, droplet collector, and etc.

In addition, we have developed a distant remote controlling mechanism which is extremely efficient and effective to control on the overall recycle processes. It can be operated by merely selecting the input key function on the mainframe (PC or PLC) and the system will operate automatically even from a far distance.


System Design :
The design of the system shall be customized according to the needs of customers. The types of system to be manufactured will be all kinds of fuel combustion control system, high temperature furnace system, incinerator system, melting and solidification furnace system, and etc. Our systems are all equipped with effectual pollution controlling functions.

Waste Materials Recycle :
On behalf of our customers, we shall help to handle and recycle their various kinds of waste materials which can be reproduced into high quality recycled products. We can also effectively manage the emission of pollutants to the environment. Some of the industrial waste materials for water treatment are contaminated water, waste acid, alkali solution, and etc; while others for combustion treatment will be engine boards, rubber waste, trash tyres, and etc.

Incineration Process Flow Chart

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